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Associação Ana Paiva

Pés Livres Espaço Cultural de convivência

Project Ana Paiva


Address: Rua Tenente José dos Santos, 611 - São Vicente/SP – Brazil - CEP 11347-100

CNPJ (Brazilian Registry of Legal Entities): 00.034.294/0001-72

Phone: +55 13 3576 7332


Coordinator: Ana Lucia Barboza Caetano de Jesus

Position: President







The target population of Associação Ana Paiva are the nursery children, nursery staff, parents directly connected to school community, volunteers (those who work in social projects carried out by Associação Ana Paiva), nursery supporters (those who indirectly assist Associação Ana Paiva) and the surrounding community.


Associação Ana Paiva partners: volunteers, nursery supporters, Rotary Club, Rihappy Brinquedos, Academia Teyang, Supermercado Coop and APO ODONTO.


Ana Lucia Barboza Caetano de Jesus – Coordinator of the Ana Paiva Nursery School Program

Lívia M. S. B. Messias - Coordinator of the “Tecendo ao Entardecer” program.



Associação Ana Paiva is an institution that has been working for over ten years upholding and promoting the rights of children and of the community where they are located, developing projects in Education and Citizenship in order to expand the knowledge of all those who somehow take part in this work, whether they are the children themselves, their families, volunteers, staff or the local community.

We strive to awaken human being to all their dimensions, contributing for a better quality in teaching and learning, motivating a broader participation of parents, volunteers and the community; providing intellectual, emotional, physical, social and spiritual development through our social projects and helping to build a community based on human values and ideals of solidarity, respect and shared love.

Today Associação Ana Paiva is running two programs: Ana Paiva Nursery School and “Tecendo ao Entardecer”, which comprise seven projects. The Ana Paiva Nursery School Program consists of the following projects: “Ler, muito prazer” (Reading is Fun), “Encontro de pais” (Parents’ Meeting), “Amamos a Língua Portuguesa” (We Love Portuguese) and “Foco TIC” (Information Technology and Communication); the “Tecendo ao Entardecer” Program consists of the following projects: “AnaCriô”, “Como Vai seu Corpo e sua Cuca?” (How is your body and mind doing?) and “Balcão da Cidadania” (Citizenship Kiosk).

These programs are to be held at the headquarters of the institution, which has adequate facilities to suit all projects, and with the establishment of new partnerships we will make these facilities available to other activities, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (participants and their families), “EJA – Educação de Jovens e Adultos” (Youth and Adults Education), Self Help Groups, and others.


The population of Jardim Rio Branco, where Ana Paiva Nursery School is located; families living in precarious income, but that mostly appreciate the educational aspect of life, reason why they are driven to provide their children a better school environment.

The neighbourhood is in short supply and diversity of work, with predominantly informal or temporary jobs. Due to the unfavourable working conditions, a significant part of the population has to travel to the centre of our city, or to other cities in the region trying to get better opportunities. Therefore, a large number of workers travel long distances and transportation costs weigh down family budget.

The region shows low levels of wealth, therefore social indicators are not good. Residents in general claim for solutions to collective problems, but not always in an organized way, and there is no political or community participation, elements required for significant achievements and improvement of their life quality.

Their main concerns are primarily focused on survival, as well as protection against the usually violent environment, which families are exposed to.

Despite the great adversity experienced by families, the school-family relationship has been growing closer and more rewarding. This has been achieved by valuing the school environment children enjoy and their parents, as much as possible, participating in the activities proposed.

Carrying out activities with parents and community aims at gaining access to some knowledge that will ensure them acquiring positive behavioural changes, strengthening family bonds and increasing their participation, working as transformation agents within their community.

As a result, the target population to be engaged by Association Ana Paiva transcends the child’s family and reaches to the wider community living close to the institution.




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